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Microsoft keyboard throws curve at ergonomic design

Microsoft introduces new Comfort Curve 300 ergonomic keyboard.

Microsoft's new Comfort Curve 3000 ergonomic keyboard.
Microsoft's new Comfort Curve 3000 ergonomic keyboard Microsoft

The latest addition to Microsoft's family of ergonomic input devices, the Comfort Curve 3000, shows that Microsoft still sees value in iterating in this product niche. While Logitech's ergo keyboard ambitions have seemingly been satisfied by its 2-year-old Wireless Keyboard K350, the Comfort Curve 3000 offers a fairly substantial departure from the Comfort Curve 5000 and 2000 designs.

The new model is curved along a more severe arc than Microsoft's previous keyboard. Its uniformly sized keys should help minimize the initial awkwardness we felt with the older Comfort Curve designs. It also incorporates a slightly elevated portion in the middle of the keyboard, which can help minimize joint pressure. We can't confirm whether those features will offer tangible physiological benefits to everyone who uses the new keyboard, but you can also find out with relatively little risk when the Comfort Curve 3000 goes on sale in August for $19.99.