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Microsoft: Judge overstepped bounds

The software giant continues to hold its ground in the antitrust case brought by the Justice Department while quelling controversy over its business practices.

Microsoft continues to hold its ground in the antitrust case brought by the Justice Department, arguing that in issuing a preliminary injunction separating the company's Web browser from Windows 95, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson overstepped his legal authority. Meanwhile, conservatives Bob Dole and Robert Bork join an anti-Microsoft lobbying group that includes players outside the technology industry, as well as Redmond rivals Netscape and Sun Microsystems.

Microsoft, DOJ back in court
update The two parties square off over the high-profile antitrust action surrounding the software giant's Windows and Internet Explorer browser.

Nontech firms join Microsoft fight
Airlines and media companies are backing anti-Microsoft group ProComp--a sign that many industries feel threatened by the software giant.

Dole, Bork battle Microsoft
update Former Senator Bob Dole and former appeals judge Robert Bork join in announcing a group that intends to lobby against the company.

MS drops channel requirement
Microsoft is giving PC makers the option of shipping a version of Windows 98 that hides a controversial feature called the Active Channel Bar.