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Microsoft issues a patch workaround

Microsoft issues a patch workaround

Experiencing trouble with your PC since you downloaded last week's Microsoft Security patches? You're not alone. According to a Microsoft knowledge base article, "Problems in Windows Explorer or the Windows shell after you install security update MS06-015," users running Hewlett-Packard's Share-to-Web software may find that they are unable to open the My Documents folder and that Microsoft Office apps may stop functioning when they attempt to open the My Documents folder. These users may also note an inability to open documents with Microsoft Office apps. Also, manually typing an Internet address into Internet Explorer may have no effect, using the Send To function after right-clicking may have no effect, opening the contents of a condensed folder in Windows Explorer may have no effect, and non-Microsoft apps may fail when users attempt to save a file to the My Documents folder. The patch in question, MS06-015, "Vulnerability in Windows Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution," includes a new binary VERCLSID.EXE, which validates shell extensions before executing the command in Windows shell or Windows Explorer. The Microsoft knowledge base article details specific workarounds for HP Share-to-Web users.