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Microsoft is really milking the kid thing

The next ad in its "rookies" campaign features a 7-year-old using Windows Live Photo Gallery to stitch a panorama photo.

If one cute kid can help sell products, more kids must be better, right?

After debuting its first "rookies" spot last week showing 4-year-old Kylie using Windows Live Photo Gallery to fix her goldfish picture, Microsoft is back with a new spot that shows 7-year-old Alexa using the software to create a panoramic photo.

Microsoft is clearly trying to convince us its software is so easy that a kid can master it.

It's not a bad strategy. But I'm a little surprised it's are back at it with Photo Gallery. The first ad was pretty cute, I thought, but also seemed to get the message home. I'm interested to see the approach the company will take when it moves on to other Windows products.

The 6-year-old that can fix my cellular modem networking issues, that kid I'll hire.