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Microsoft investigating Windows 7 battery issue

The software maker says there is a problem that is causing some users to erroneously see a warning about their battery needing replacement.

Microsoft says it is looking into a problem that is causing some Windows 7 users to get a warning that there is a problem with their battery when, in fact, there is not.

"We are investigating this issue in conjunction with our hardware partners, which appears to be related to system firmware," a Microsoft representative said in a statement on Tuesday.

The warning in question uses the computer's basic input output system (BIOS) to try to determine whether a battery needs replacement. For some reason, the signals are getting crossed and some users are getting the message even when they should not.

However, because this warning is new to Windows 7, users moving from Vista should not necessarily ignore the message if they see it. Instead, Microsoft suggests users contact their computer maker to see whether the warning is warranted or not.

Meanwhile, Microsoft says it and the PC makers are trying to figure out what is behind the glitch. "We are working with our partners to determine the root cause and will update the forum with information and guidance as it becomes available."