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Microsoft intros Works Suite 99

The new suite is a revamped combination of existing applications for home computer users.

Microsoft today introduced Microsoft Works Suite 99, its newest suite of applications for home users.

The new suite joins Microsoft Works 4.5 and Microsoft Works Deluxe, Microsoft's existing consumer application packages.

Works Suite 99 offers all the same applications from Works Deluxe, including Works 4.5, a database and calendar application, Money 99 Basic, and Microsoft Graphics Studio Greetings 99. In addition, the package offers Encarta Encyclopedia 99 and Microsoft Expedia Streets 98 and Word 97.

Many of these applications are pre-loaded on PCs.

"Works is the most popular integrated software for Windows in the world," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "All three products are really targeted at the home user; it's just a matter of different price points and functionality."

Microsoft Works is the seventh most popular home software, according to a recent study by Media Metrix, with 13,214,000 unique users and 18.2 percent market "reach." Microsoft Office and Word were ranked No. 1 and 2 in the survey, with a combined 70 percent market reach.

Works Suite 99 will be available later this month for an estimated retail price of $109. Works 4.5 and Works Deluxe 99 are available for $54.95 and $84.95, respectively.