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Microsoft: HP promo won't be restarted

In a blog posting, Microsoft confirms that it won't be repeating a 40 percent off deal that many people were unable to access during Black Friday.

Microsoft said that it, in fact, won't be able to restart a Black Friday promotion with that many were unable to take advantage of because of glitches with the Live Search Cashback program.

In a blog posting on Friday, Microsoft said that, although it is working to give those who ordered products their promised 40 percent discount, those who were not able to place an order are, essentially, out of luck.

"There have been lots of questions on whether the 40 percent off HP promotion on Black Friday will be restarted," Microsoft said in the posting. "While we were hoping to be able to do that, we are sorry to report that it will not be restarted."

A Microsoft representative had indicated earlier this week that the promotion would be restarted, although a statement on Tuesday indicated that might not occur.

While this is bad for bargain hunters, it may end up being worse for Microsoft, which is trying to use the Live Search Cashback program as a way to build awareness and loyalty for its search product.