Microsoft-HP cashback saga continues

Earlier this week a Microsoft representative indicated that a deal offering 40 percent cash back at would be restarted following Black Friday glitches. Now that appears less certain.

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Microsoft is still trying to sort things out following a glitch on Friday that prevented people from getting a promised 40 percent cash back on purchases made on via Microsoft's Live Search Cashback program.

A crush of traffic led to a glitch that apparently led to a number of problems. Some shoppers were credited with only 3 percent cash back, rather than the promised 40 percent. Microsoft has said all those who made purchases through Live Search during the Black Friday promotion would get the higher rebate.

But some folks were unable to make their purchase at all on Friday. A Microsoft spokesperson told CNET News in a statement Monday that the HP promotion would be restarted in the coming days. However, that statement appears to have been premature.

In a blog post late on Tuesday, the software maker offered a much more vague statement.

"We're working actively to determine next steps for any specific HP promotions," according to the post, which was attributed to Rajat Taneja, Microsoft's general manager of worldwide commercial search. "We regret that we don't have more specific details at this time, but we can point customers to other Live Search cashback merchants with great deals on HP products, including eBay, which is currently offering 20 percent cashback."

The glitch was an unfortunate blow to Microsoft, shifting what could have been a banner day for Live Search cashback into another online black eye for the company.

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