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Microsoft goes Bing! and scares the bejeezus out of Google

Microsoft has launched Bing, its new search engine, into beta in the UK. We give you an overview of the service, and take the mick out of the name, 'cos that's how we roll

It's official: is Microsoft's new Web search, and gosh it's fun to say. Bing! Instead of presenting you with a list of links, Bing is designed to work out what you were thinking and organise your results into handy categories. Could it be any less like Google?

Bing launches in beta today in the UK, with a dedicated search technology team headquartered in London. Check out our lovely Limey screenshots, echoing the local flavour of Windows 7. Codenamed Kumo during development, the new system is set to boast a "a new, intuitive layout providing more relevant information", with results organised by category. Tabs are expected soon.


Features include best match, page previews viewed by hovering over links, and instant answers, which provides quick results in the body of the first search results page. We're also promised "more functionality in key consumer areas" such as shopping and travel.

It's also Microsoft's first use of online shopping portal and price comparison site Ciao, which the boys in Redmond purchased in October 2008. Ciao's thousands of retailers and over 5 million customer reviews will be accessible through Bing.

No sign of Bing as we write, so while you're waiting, check out this demo video, or kill time with some of Chandler Bing's best moments. Bing! BingBingBing!