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Microsoft forages for patent deals in the world of the also-rans

Microsoft strikes yet another patent deal with a tired, also ran of a Linux company. When will the winners capitulate?

Microsoft has continued its patent crusade by signing a patent deal with Linspire. You remember Linspire, right? Oh, well, maybe not.

Unfortunately, it appears that Microsoft is having zero success signing up any credible vendors. Novell (once credible, now...not so much), Xandros, and now Linspire. Who would have thought that Microsoft's efforts would so poignantly and clearly reveal just how pathetic its patent threats are?

The day Microsoft signs one of these "historic" deals with Red Hat or IBM will be the day that i believe there's actually some substance to its allegedly good intentions. [Interestingly, just as I typed those words I received an email from a friend who has "intel" (good or bad, who knows - I suspect bad) that Red Hat is talking with Microsoft about a patent deal. I hope not....] In the meantime, Microsoft, get back to selling product. Your efforts to sell your patents are not finding customers. Not the kind you'd want, anyway.