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Microsoft fixes Excel math bug

Software maker has posted a download that resolves a problem in which the latest version of the spreadsheet was displaying improper results in some cases.

After discovering two weeks ago that the latest version of Excel had a problem with math, the software maker said the spreadsheet is once again ready to resume its spot at the head of the class.

Late Tuesday, Microsoft posted patches to its Web site that fix the arcane math flaw in Excel 2007 and Excel Services 2007.

"Thank you for your patience," Microsoft's David Gainer said in a blog posting announcing the fix.. The bugcaused the software to display improper results when calculating numbers around 65,535 and 65,536. The company said the fix will be offered soon through Microsoft Update so that users can get the patch automatically without having to go to Microsoft's site.

It will also be part of the first service pack for Office 2007, though Microsoft isn't saying when that will arrive.