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Microsoft feels the heat from DOJ, investors

DOJ antitrust officials brief the White House on the possibility of breaking Microsoft in two, while investors feel the effects of the company's stock swings.


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Justice Department antitrust officials brief the White House on their proposal to divide Microsoft into two entities, signaling that a final plan may be close. Investors, in the meantime, struggle with the effects of the software giant's fluctuating stock price.


White House briefed on proposed breakup
update Justice Department antitrust officials present the White House with their proposed plan to divide the software giant into two entities in hopes of sparking competition in the industry. see special coverage: The verdict is in

Microsoft's woes strike mutual funds, pensions
Some of the largest U.S. institutional investors have seen their holdings in the software giant fall billions of dollars.

Gates: PCs will continue to reign
The Microsoft chairman attempts to convince hardware makers that in the age of Internet appliances and handheld devices, the PC is still king.

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Possible breakup could divest Microsoft of Office
update The company could be forced to spin off software and applications to end its anti-competitive practices in a proposal being drafted by antitrust officials.