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Microsoft fall hardware showcase scheduled for October 26

The invitations are out. Expect Windows 10, Surface and some gaming news to be touted at the New York event.


The tipsters were on point: Microsoft's fall hardware event is happening October 26 in New York City.

Microsoft is sending invitations to select press, analysts and other guests on Friday for its fall hardware showcase. The fall hardware event also will be live-streamed starting 10 a.m. Eastern that Wednesday.

The theme of the event this year is news around "the next chapter in the Windows story." I assume this means there will be news around Windows 10 Redstone 2. Sources also are saying to expect OEM devices, Microsoft Surface device news and some gaming-related updates at the event.

A number of us Microsoft watchers are expecting the company to launch a Surface all-in-one type device -- likely with a Surface keyboard and mouse -- at the event. I've also heard Microsoft will be highlighting a bunch of its OEM partners' Windows 10 devices there.

Will there be a new Microsoft Band or a Microsoft-branded phone launched on October 26. No and no.

Microsoft officials recently confirmed there will be no new Band device this year, and my sources continue to say no new Microsoft phones of any kind are coming this year, either. If and when anything like a Surface Phone ends up materializing, it will likely be late 2017 or maybe even not until 2018, my contacts have said recently.

This story was originally published as "Microsoft schedules its Fall hardware event for October 26" on ZDNet.

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