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Microsoft Face Swap

Microsoft's new app puts your face in strange places

Microsoft's Face Swap app may be just for fun, but it packs some powerful image recognition technology.

Want to see what you'd look like as an astronaut but don't have a spare space suit laying around? Microsoft's new app may help. 

Face Swap, which is currently available on the Google Play store (and coming to Apple's iOS soon), lets you stick your face onto other scenes. You could be a fashion model, on top of a mountain, in a rock band or yeah, floating above the Earth in space. 

Watch a preview of the app in action below.

Face-swapping apps like FaceApp and face filters like those from Snapchat are gaining popularity. Microsoft's app here attempts to tap into that zeitgeist and appeal to a new audience.

Face Swap is the brainchild of the Microsoft Garage program. The app uses Bing's image search technology to put your face where it doesn't belong, and although the app is just for fun, it gives Microsoft a chance to show off what its search engine can do — and also try to get more people using Bing.

The app is pretty straightforward. Just snap a selfie in good lighting (the app will tell you if it's a clear pic). Face Swap will then isolate your face and let you start swapping from preset categories with pictures you can choose to swap out. You can also use the search bar (powered by Bing) at the top to browse the web for even more images to put your face on. If you like what you see, you can save the picture or share it.

Imagine sending a face swap image to a friend as you would an emoji. The possibilities are hilariously endless.