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Spotify app for Xbox now lets you play music with voice commands

Xbox One users can now request songs and playlists within a game via Cortana, as well as access an updated Spotify interface from the home screen.


Microsoft today announced an update to the Xbox One Spotify app that enables tighter integration with Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana alongside a new interface.

Xbox One console users can now control Spotify within a game by saying, "Hey, Cortana, play my playlist on Spotify," and can Cortana to play, skip and pause songs. The company has confirmed to CNET you can also request individual songs.

Microsoft says the updated interface makes accessing recently played songs, the Made for You hub and your music library easier than before.


Cortana was an integral part of the Xbox One system when it included the Kinect camera with a microphone on board. However, Microsoft stopped production of the Kinect in 2017.

Microsoft has been working on expanding Cortana's capabilities, such as by offering cross-compatibility with Alexa on Windows 10 and Xbox One. However, Cortana has lagged behind the other major voice assistants for many reasons, including because it is only available in one (now heavily discounted) smart speaker, the Harmon Kardon Invoke

Updated 5.08 p.m. ET Microsoft has confirmed users can request individual songs and not only playlists

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