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Microsoft exec raps naughty words, world stops

Michael Angiulo, a senior Microsoft executive, gets on stage to rap with Too Short. Sadly, someone filmed it. And then, well, it lands at TMZ.

The birthday double act. TMZ Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Life really is too short.

Sometimes, you're enjoying your birthday and you get the chance to go up on stage and rap with your favorite rapper.

So you go, don't you? Especially as your wife has paid $25,000 for Too Short to rap just for you.

And, despite being a Microsoft executive in charge of all sorts of important things to do with Windows (proof embedded), you are quite a good rapper.

Oh, but then there are these things called cell phones. They have cameras. Your own company is involved with more than a few of them. Someone films your rap -- which happens to be about a threesome. As so many rap ditties do, it contains words like "f***" and "bitches."

Which is enough reason for someone to deliver the footage of your performance to TMZ.

The headline, quite naturally, is "Microsoft Exec. He's Got 2 Bitches."

And so Michael Anguilo of Microsoft is now temporarily famous.

Indeed, this video seems to have appeared on the very same day that Microsoft's Surface was launched. Please don't tell me some rival executive planted this. That would just be so declasse.

I contacted Microsoft to see if the company had a little rap for me on the subject. A spokesman told me he had "nothing to share." Some do, some don't.

It is tempting for many to get worked up about Angiulo did at his own birthday party. For myself, I found the rap the company presented at a Norwegian developers' conference-- sample: "'Micro' and 'soft' don't apply to my penis" -- far more offensive. This was supposed to be commercially enticing.

In any case, they play rap like Too Short at my gym all the time. Yes, with all the words at 9am on a Saturday.