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Microsoft elevates server unit, promotes Muglia

Longtime Server and Tools unit head Bob Muglia is now president of the company's server unit.

Microsoft started off its new-year executive shuffling by promoting longtime Server and Tools unit head Bob Muglia to president, a title he shares with entertainment boss Robbie Bach and business software chief Stephen Elop.

Bob Muglia

It's a title elevation for Muglia, whose responsibilities remain the same. It also reflects the growing importance of the server unit, which accounted for $13 billion in revenue in the most recent fiscal year, now making up fully a fifth of Microsoft's total sales.

"The core of our success at Microsoft has always been great people--people who combine talent, drive, vision, customer focus, and leadership," CEO Steve Ballmer said in an e-mail to employees. "Few people at Microsoft embody these qualities more fully than Bob Muglia, and few people have contributed more to the company's success."

The Wall Street Journal article on Muglia's promotion notes that it represents quite the comeback for Muglia, who found himself shuttled off to head management software in a post-Hailstorm reshuffling of the Internet unit. Of note, Muglia now heads the Azure Services Platform, components of which look a whole lot like Hailstorm.

I sat down with Muglia last month, just before my extended winter holiday break. In honor of his promotion, I'll post a fuller transcript of my interview on Tuesday, right before I head off to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.