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Microsoft Edge browser preview out now for Android and iOS

Microsoft's Windows 10 browser now has a mobile version. Windows Insiders can download the preview today.


If you're a Windows PC user looking for a new browser for your iOS or Android device, you might give the new mobile version of Microsoft's Edge browser a try. Available today in preview for Windows Insiders -- enroll here -- the new version of Edge promises some quality of life benefits if you also use Edge on your PC.

Among the features of Edge mobile are the ability to sync data between your mobile and PC browsers, including passwords and favorite bookmarks. You can also send your current browsing session directly to your PC from your mobile device, and vice versa. 

The Edge preview also retains the Hub View layout of Edge on your PC, which is designed to streamline your history, bookmarks and saved links. It also includes voice searching.

For even more continuity between your phone and PC, Android users can also try out Microsoft's new Windows Launcher preview, which will let you customize your Android devices' home screen to look more like that of your PC.   

If you're already a Windows Insider, you need to download the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update Insider Preview to gain access to the Edge preview. For Windows Launcher, you'll find the preview available in the Google Play store now. You can read more about both new preview from Microsoft directly on its Windows Blog.