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Microsoft, Edgar Online in ad pact

Under a deal announced Wednesday, Redmond will be the exclusive third-party provider of display, contextual and video advertising for the financial filing site.

In its latest ad-serving deal, Microsoft has landed Edgar Online, the Web site best known for providing businesses and investors with access to Securities and Exchange Commission documents.

Under the agreement announced on Wednesday, Microsoft will be the exclusive third-party provider of display, contextual, and video advertising for Edgar Online. Also, as part of the deal, Edgar Online will provide content, including SEC filings, to Microsoft's MSN Money site.

Microsoft is expected to begin serving ads in March, while Edgar Online content will come onto MSN Money later this year.

Aiming to better compete with rival Google, Microsoft has been trying to score some big ad-serving deals. The company landed an with Viacom in December. Both that deal and the Edgar Online deal rely on the Atlas technology acquired as part of Microsoft's $6 billion Aquantive purchase.