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Microsoft doesn't want Longhorn reloaded

The software maker has put a halt to an effort by a group of developers that wanted to build an operating system on top of an early test version of the Vista predecessor.

In unsurprising news, Microsoft has finally put a stop to the "Longhorn Reloaded" project, an effort to continue development of an early version of Windows "Longhorn," the precursor of Windows Vista.

The programmers wanted to keep working with an early version of Longhorn, which still had features, such as WinFS, that were later cut. Of course, despite some moves to get along with the open source world, Microsoft hasn't exactly decided to make its crown jewel (even test versions of it) free for the world to modify.

Nonetheless, the group behind Longhorn Reloaded expressed dismay at Redmond's move, saying in a recent posting that it had received a cease and decist letter from Microsoft.

"It deeply saddens me that although Microsoft have known about this project for many months they only issued us with this notice a few days after we started to distribute the iso via torrents and ftp server," the project's senior administrator said in the posting, adding that any links to the code or requests for a download link posted on the site would be deleted.

Mary Jo Foley noted the project's demise in a recent posting on her ZDNet blog.