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Microsoft doesn't recommend creating Vista 'Lite'

Not surprisingly, the company advises against using vLite, or other tools that make changes to which components of the OS are installed. Such changes could make a system unstable or prevent future updates from installing properly, Microsoft says.

Frustrated with Vista's sluggishness, some people have been turning to a utility called vLite, which out components of the operating system deemed unessential.

Although the move does offer frustrated Vista users an option other than going back to XP or switching to a Mac, Microsoft said Wednesday that it doesn't endorse such changes to Vista's setup.

"Microsoft does not recommend using any tool to strip out applications from Windows Vista prior to installing it on your system, as it may affect your ability to download future Windows updates and service packs, and may cause your system to become unstable," the company said in an e-mail to CNET

The company didn't mention downgrading to XP or switching to a Mac, but I'm guessing Microsoft doesn't really want you doing those things either.

Microsoft does have a project under way, as part of its Windows 7 development process, to create a slimmed-down Windows kernel. Microsoft has refused to offer further details on the MinWin effort, beyond comments made by a Microsoft engineer at a university lecture last year.