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Microsoft discounting heavily to keep market share

Microsoft is trying to stave off Linux by lowering prices. How low will it go?

As reported on the MoneyforJam blog, Microsoft is heavily discounting Windows to keep market share in the face of cheaper Linux offerings. Reuters notes:

In a significant development, Asustek said it would also offer a version of the ultra low-cost PCs with Microsoft's Windows operating system, after initially saying that all the computers would carry the open-source, free Linux system. Windows versions of the computer would cost about T$1,000 more than Linux versions [T$1,000 = US$30.00], leading many to say that Microsoft had offered the Windows systems at a big discount from its usual price of T$2,000 to T$3,000 for mass buyers.

So now Windows is worth $30.00. That seems about right. As MoneyforJam notes, XP (which is what ASUS will ship) is now the Vista Poverty Edition.


Via the Firehose.