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Microsoft debuts updated YouTube app for Windows Phone

After calling a truce with Google, Microsoft launches its new YouTube app complete with video uploads, live streaming, and voice search.

Microsoft's YouTube app for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft

The complete YouTube app for Windows Phone has finally returned. After a public tussle between Microsoft and Google over the app last May, the two companies have made nice.

"We've released an updated YouTube app for Windows Phone that provides the great experience our consumers expect while addressing the concerns Google expressed in May, including the addition of ads," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET. "We appreciate Google's support in ensuring that Windows Phones customers have a quality YouTube experience and look forward to continuing the collaboration."

The skirmish between the two companies began last May when Microsoft fielded a YouTube app that it built itself for Windows Phone 8. The problem was that the app violated Google's terms of service by not serving ads and allowing video downloads. Google promptly sent Microsoft a cease-and-desist letter. In turn, Microsoft updated its app, ceasing video downloads but still not serving ads. However, after a couple of weeks of this, the two companies found common ground and agreed to build a version of a native YouTube app together.

The updated YouTube app is available immediately in the Windows Phone store. It has new features like the ability to upload videos from smartphones, live streaming of YouTube live streams, and voice search and voice activation from the Home screen. It also lets users manage their YouTube profiles and playlists, share videos on social networks, text messages, and e-mail, and pin videos and search queries to the Windows Phone Start screen as Live Tiles.