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Microsoft continues shopping spree

Microsoft dips into its bulging coffers to nab Cooper and Peters, an object-oriented software development tools maker.

Microsoft (MSFT) continues to dip into its bulging financial vault, today nabbing an object-oriented software development tools maker for an undisclosed sum.

Microsoft representatives hope that the acquisition of Cooper & Peters, a Boulder, Colorado-based firm, will aid its effort to offer programmers a full set of class libraries for the Java programming language.

Cooper & Peters specializes in making user interface frameworks and applications. The company has created a product called Widgets, a set of components for Smalltalk, an object-oriented development language somewhat akin to C++ and Java, and WindowBuilder, which builds Smalltalk interfaces. Their latest project is called EyeOpener and will be integrated into Microsoft's Application Foundation Classes.

The acquisition continues a furious period of investment for Microsoft. The company has added multimedia player Dimension X and WebTV Networks to its roster, as well as investing $1 billion in cable giant Comcast, all within a little more than a month.