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Microsoft Cloud Clipboard ups your copy-and-paste game

New features include the ability to save multiple items and paste to different devices.


Joe Belfiore on stage at Microsoft Build.

Joshua Goldman

Microsoft could soon be making good old copy-and-paste a lot more versatile.

On the heels of its Build developers conference earlier this week, Microsoft VP of Operating Systems Joe Belfiore tweeted out:

The Cloud Clipboard feature allows Windows 10 users to synch their clipboards -- you know, whatever you copy or cut to paste later -- to different devices, expected to include other PCs running Windows 10, as well as Android and iOS phones and other devices. Also included is a history of what you copied before.

To get the options pictured in Belfiore's tweet, you hit the key combination Windows and V, a variation of the standard paste command of Control and V.

The new clipboard is now available to developers in a new insider preview build of Windows 10.

The feature was originally teased at the 2017 Microsoft build conference but never appeared. 

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