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Tech Industry

Microsoft said to be closing Oregon factory for Surface Hub

The factory, once seen as a symbol of successful US manufacturing, is reportedly shutting down after just two years.


Microsoft is reportedly moving production of the Surface Hub out of Oregon. 


Just two years after it opened, Microsoft is shutting down its Oregon-based factory for manufacturing its Surface Hub jumbo tablets, according to a report Wednesday by The Oregonian.

The plant, located in Wilsonville, Oregon, just outside of Portland, was once positioned as a symbol of  successful US manufacturing. But now Microsoft will lay off 124 employees and dozens of contractors -- nearly everyone at the site, according to the report.

Microsoft reportedly said it will move production of the Surface Hub -- a huge touchscreen computer meant to replace conference room whiteboards -- to where it makes all of its other Surface products. The company didn't specifically say where, but the rest of the devices are manufactured in China.

The move underscores the challenges of trying to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, despite pressure from the Trump administration to do so.

Microsoft hasn't said why it's shutting down production in Oregon. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.