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Microsoft cleared to commit code to Apache

Redmond is given clearance to commit software to Apache's Hadoop project, which also got help this week from open-source entrepreneur Mike Olson.

Few will have noticed, but Microsoft's Jim Kellerman just announced that he and a Microsoft colleague have "been cleared to contribute patches again" to Apache, and specifically to the Hadoop project.

This is great news for Microsoft, and I think for open source generally. It means that Microsoft just became an open-source insider and may find it more difficult to sling mud as an open-source outsider in the future.

It's also good to have Microsoft's heft behind the Hadoop project, an incredibly cool open-source project that got additional help from CloudEra, a new open-source company helmed by former Sleepycat CEO Mike Olson that promises to help companies tap into the power of Hadoop. Who cares about Hadoop? Any Web developer that wants to "write and run applications that process huge amounts of data."

Microsoft gets deep into open source and Olson comes out of retirement. This is turning out to be a Very Great Day.