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Microsoft claims Vista more secure than XP, OSX and Linux

Security? Bah! Who needs it!

After a few days off from blogging it's always nice to see that Microsoft has provided some fodder. Today it's an impressive array of lies, damn lies, and statistics about security. They even made some nice charts!

Feeling vulnerable? Get Vista! Microsoft

You don't need my commentary...the Gizmodo guys nailed it:

In every category, Vista is either the lowest, or tied for the lowest. And since your argument seems to boil down to the logic: the less vulnerabilities, the less fixes, the more secure, Vista wins. Of course, from what our tiny brains make of the case, such an argument doesn't take into account factors like just how many people are trying to exploit a particular platform/vulnerability, or just how damaging each exploit can be.

I wonder if the Zune is more secure than the iPod? I suppose someone would need to care about the Zune to unleash an attack on it.

Link: Dark Reading via Gizmodo