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Microsoft celebrates iPhone 6 by denigrating Siri (again)

In a new ad to coincide with the Apple hype, Microsoft presents Siri as a sad little woman with amnesia.

Siri the amnesiac faces off with Cortana, the thoroughly modern woman, and comes out looking very bad indeed. Microsoft/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In Redmond yesterday, they looked at the iPhone 6 launch and reminisced about how their last CEO said the iPhone would never gain significant market share.

But they weren't going to take the release of yet another, about-t0-be-ridiculously successful iPhone in a prostrate position.

So Microsoft released an ad that suggested Siri is a forgetful old madam whose dotage has outpaced her usefulness.

Here Cortana, Microsoft's own digital help-person, tries to be nice to Siri. She feels sorry for the old girl, as Siri can't even remember who Cortana is.

It's possible that Siri's been drinking a lot lately, what with the launch of two phones and a watch. It's also possible that Cortana is a superior being and manages to be one without too much nastiness.

Unlike many of Microsoft's other attempts to paint Apple products as little more than worms that have crawled into your peanut butter sandwich, this one is successful in making you believe that Cortana is both better and more likable.

Now if only Microsoft could release phones that everyone regards as must-haves. Or even remembers.