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Microsoft busy with browser upgrade, online gaming push

The software giant has a busy week, with the release of a new version of its Web browser, an online gaming initiative and a new version of Windows nearing completion.


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From fresh versions of its Web browser and business operating system to a new online gaming initiative, the software giant has been busy launching new ventures this week.


Microsoft releases latest IE Web browser
Chairman Bill Gates announces at a company event that the software giant's Internet Explorer 5.5 is available.

Microsoft plays to win, snatching up NetGames USA
The software giant purchases the online gaming developer for an undisclosed amount in a bid to boost its Web-based games site.

Microsoft ready to send 64-bit Windows 2000 to developers
The new "preview" version of 64-bit Windows 2000 is a necessary step along the road to bringing a Windows operating system to computers based on Intel's next-generation Itanium chips.