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Microsoft brings first app to the Mac App Store

Microsoft has made available its Windows Phone 7 Connector software to Mac App Store users, the company's first foray into Apple's new storefront.

Microsoft's first app to hit the Mac App Store.
Microsoft's first app to hit the Mac App Store CNET

Microsoft has brought its first piece of software to Apple's Mac App Store.

The digital software storefront, which launched just last month, is now home to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Connector software. This is the application that lets Mac users sync up their iTunes and iPhoto libraries with Windows Phone 7 devices. It's also the way Mac users will be able to update the system software on their phones when Microsoft pushes out its first big update next month.

Microsoft first offered up the software in beta in October, and continues to offer it up as a standalone download on its own site.

This is Microsoft's first piece of software on the Mac App Store, and is unlikely to be the last. Microsoft currently sells digital copies of Office for Mac through direct download, but does it through its own storefront. Thus far, the company has kept mum about plans to bring Office to the new platform, short of saying the idea had been under consideration.

(via Cult of Mac)