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Microsoft blames IBM for all of world's evils (or at least the failure of OOXML)

Microsoft: IBM masterminded OOXML failure

Considering that IBM sells an awful lot of Microsoft software, I find it hard to believe they would "single-handedly" attempt to sink OOXML.

Microsoft executives have accused IBM of single-handedly leading an effort to block the software giant from having its Office Open XML standard approved by the International Organization for Standardization.

Beyond the argument (which really sounds like whimpering) I find it amazing when the Microsoft PR machine lets guys say things like this:

"They have made this a religious and highly political debate," Tsilas said. "They are doing this because it is advancing their business model. Over 50 percent of IBM's revenues come from consulting services."
It's amazing because Tsilas seems to forget that the only winner in OOXML is Microsoft. IBM doesn't gain much from a standard like ODF or OOXML. To think that IBM is somehow monetizing OpenOffice even remotely close to the revenues of MS Office is utterly foolish.