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Microsoft begins DCOM for Windows 95 testing

Microsoft has posted a beta test version of DCOM for Windows 95, the underlying transport for its ActiveX object-based framework.

Microsoft (MSFT) today took another step toward fulfilling its promise of providing a cross-platform object based framework for building Internet and intranet applications.

The company has shipped a beta test version of its Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) software for Windows 95. DCOM is the underlying object protocol of Microsoft's ActiveX component architecture. Currently, DCOM is shipping as part of Windows NT 4.0. Windows 95 support will allow developers to build cross-platform ActiveX-based applications. The beta software is available from Microsoft's Web site.

To add DCOM support to Windows 95, developers can download the beta version kit from the Web site, which automatically adds the DCOM support to Windows 95-based systems. Microsoft has not announced a ship date for the final version of DCOM for Windows 95.

Versions of DCOM for Unix and host operating systems are being developed by Digital Equipment and Software AG, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft is attempting to establish DCOM and ActiveX as industry standards for cross-platform Internet communications. The company will host an October 1 gathering of more than 70 vendors and companies in New York to discuss plans for making the technology a Net standard.

Netscape is pushing its own Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) as a competing standard, and has won the backing of several vendors, including Oracle, which is building IIOP support into its entire product line.