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Microsoft Band an official partner of Tough Mudder...just don't wear it on the day!

The high-tech fitness band is the official partner of the popular (and insanely tough) mud-themed obstacle event.

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is the infamous 20 kilometre obstacle course that's encouraged more than two million people around to world to plant their face in mud, endure electric shocks and deliberately plunge into something called the "arctic enema".

Microsoft has announced that the Band 2 is the "official smartwatch and fitness tracker" for the 2016 Australian season of this voluntary torture session. This will include specially developed guided workouts for the Band, created by Tough Mudder experts to help you train up for the big event.

But lets be clear: Microsoft does not recommend that you wear the Band on the big day. While it hopes you'll use to the device to get fit for the 18 or so obstacles you'll encounter, the sheer preponderance of mud, dirt, water, ice, fire, sweat, blood and tears outstrips the Band's IP67 rating.

So, while you might not have enough time to train for the South-East Queensland Mudder, seeing as it's May 7 and May 8, the Band might be a good training partner for the October and November events for Sydney and Melbourne. Just make sure it's not on your wrist when the starter pistol fires.