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Microsoft back to core case

As Microsoft and the Justice Department agree settle a contentious wrinkle in their antitrust dispute, the case gets back to the larger issue of technology integration in software products.

When Microsoft and the Justice Department settled their contempt-of-court dispute, the case got back to the larger issue of technology integration and the company's business practices. However, the settlement will likely have ramifications for the final outcome of the case and the industry as a whole. This NEWS.COM special coverage examines these issues.

Beyond contempt: DOJ, Microsoft settle issue

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•  Microsoft's $1 million question
After more than two months of dueling briefs, filings, and press releases, MS and the $1 million question the legal dispute between the Justice Department and Microsoft takes a critical turn. Both parties are caught in the latest wrinkle stalling their high-profile antitrust dispute: whether the company is in contempt of court and should be fined $1 million per day for not following the judge's order to unbundle Internet Explorer from Windows 95.