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Microsoft Australia releases waterproof, inflatable, non-functioning Xbox controller

Because at this point, why not?


While it may not have the sartorial or appellative excellence of Microsoft Australia's previous promotional venture, the Xbox Onesie, there's an inflatable Xbox One S controller out just in time for Australia Day.

You might be wondering how an inflatable Xbox One controller ties into Australia's national holiday. Well, as a local, I'm here to tell you that the grand tradition of making enlarged, useless versions of other things is practically our national pastime. Consider the Big Banana. The Big Merino. The Big Prawn. In fact, just go check out the full list for yourself.

OK, so "useless" might be a bit harsh. The inflatable Xbox One controller is a marked improvement over the regular Xbox One controller in a number of ways:

Key specs

  • Waterproof
  • Contains two drink holders
  • Buoyant
  • Can probably be safely thrown at a TV in fit of rage
  • Much larger design for vintage Xbox controller feel
  • Wireless
  • Never needs charging

I mean, it doesn't actually work as a controller (thanks, fine print), but you can't have everything. If the inflatable Xbox One controller is absolutely something you must have in your life (and you're an Australian resident), you can find details on how to win one of the limited edition floaties on the Microsoft Store Facebook page.

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