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​Microsoft adds virtual touchpad to Windows 10

The latest test version of the operating system makes it easier to control external monitors from tablets, mouse-free.


The virtual touchpad on the latest test version of Windows 10.


Here's a little something to get excited about if you're a Windows 10 watcher on the lookout for new features.

Microsoft on Wednesday released its latest Windows 10 Creators test version, which includes a virtual touchpad that lets you control external monitors from tablets without having to attach a mouse.

"Use it just like you would a physical touchpad to control content on the connected screen," software engineer Dona Sarkar said in a blog announcing the new build.

To enable the feature, you press and hold on the taskbar and select "show touchpad button."

Otherwise, there are very few new features in the test build, according to Mary Jo Foley, who watches Microsoft for CNET sister site ZDNet. She noted some Sticky Note updates, including support for "Insights" in more languages. "Microsoft also improved Windows Ink Workspace in this build with various tweaks," she said.