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MicroSD card adapter for the cable lazy

USB Micro Drive for MicroSD key chain

Many cell phones now come with those magic little things known as microSD card slots.

By now, I am sure you've read about how amazingly small yet chock-full of storage capacity microSD cards can be.

The problem people rarely mention is that few computers have microSD card slots. And although I should probably just throw the adapter cable my smart phone came with into my backpack and keep it with me, I never do.

USB Micro Drive for MicroSD key chain
Brando Workshop

The USB Micro Drive for MicroSD key chain for $14 from Brando Workshop, as Gadgets Weblog says, is basically a USB adapter for your microSD card. Not all computers have microSD card slots, but most do have USB drives. This is one of the better USB key chains I have seen, as it serves a dual purpose.

This little device lets you go from any one phone with a microSD slot to any computer with a USB port and back again without hassle.