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Microscope fits in your pocket, just because

Latest example of digital magnification at work.

Akihabara News

It used to be that powerful microscopes were reserved for laboratories, but magnification levels that were once possible only with professional equipment are increasingly available to the masses thanks to advances in digital technologies. Some gadgets are finding a natural home on the science toy market for kids, complete with night-vision features.

But the most certain way to tell if a product category has attrained common-denominator status is when it reaches the prolific mass manufacturers of Asia. To wit: Korean company 3R Systems has unveiled the "ViTiny," a pocket-sized digital microscope.

Measuring 4.7 by 2.2 inches and just under an inch thick, it has a 1.8-inch LCD, 2MB of memory, and a magnification range of 24x to 90x, according to Akihabara News. Hardly the most powerful, but not the worst considering it's portable. Besides, there are some things in life that are better left unseen.