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Microplane in a box

The excellent Microplane grater is available as a box grater, and is able to grate bigger items like blocks of cheese.

The Microplane Box Grater Microplane

I rely on my Microplane for grating anything small: garlic cloves, a little Parmesan cheese, and even chocolate. But for bigger grating jobs, it just isn't robust enough. The Microplane Box Grater offers a step up. If I want to grate potatoes or cheese, it offers a solid tool that can grate, zest, or even slice. The box grater includes four surgical stainless steel blades that are mounted on the box with a stabilizing comfort-grip handle. It also comes with a protective storage cover that will keep your fingers safe when you're digging around in your kitchen drawers. The Microplane Box Grater is dishwasher-safe, as long as you keep it in the top rack.

The Microplane Box Grater is easy to clean. The back panel is removable, allowing you to get every last bit of your grated ingredient, as well as clean out the grater without losing part of your knuckle in the process. It's also designed with a rubber base that grips the counter as you work, reducing the amount of trouble you can get yourself into with the grater. The safety measures are especially important because Microplane graters are very sharp. The Microplane Box Grater is available for $34.95.