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MicronPC gears servers for small businesses

The computer maker unveils two new Xeon-based machines aimed at the market for small to medium-sized companies.

Computer maker MicronPC on Wednesday unveiled two new servers aimed at the market for small to medium-sized businesses.

MicronPC, which sells computer equipment directly to customers, introduced the NetFrame 1610 and 2610 servers. The company said both servers are ideal for companies that are looking for small servers that can later be expanded.

PC makers have always highly prized small to medium-sized businesses, viewing them as an opportunity to establish an early rapport with a fledgling company whose needs are likely to expand as it grows. In the past year, companies such as IBM, Dell Computer and Gateway have introduced servers aimed at the growing sector.

Base models for the 1610 and 2610 come with 256MB of RAM, 18GB hard drive and 2GHz Intel Xeon processor, according to a MicronPC sales representative. The base models are priced at $2,299 and $2,499, respectively. The primary difference is the expandability of the two lines. The 1610 can hold three hard drives; the 2610 can hold seven.

The 1610 server offers a 1U design--meaning that it's 1.75 inches thick--whereas the 2610 has a 2U footprint. The servers require less space because they are designed to be bolted into racks.

MicronPC was formed in June 2001, after Gores Technology Group purchased the assets of chipmaker Micron Technology's PC business. MicronPC sells computer equipment to government, small-business and education customers.