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Micron revamps PC line

The machines use new chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices--and the PC maker may debut new notebooks later this year.

MicronPC has given its Millennia desktop PC a face-lift, using new chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

The PC maker launched three new Millennia models, dubbed Professional, Creative Studio and Xtreme, with a choice of Intel's Pentium 4 or AMD's Athlon XP processor.

The new machines are named after their intended markets and offer software loads and features such as rewritable CD drives. The Professional starts at $999 and targets small-business consumers, while Creative Studio, beginning at $1,149, aims for home consumers. The Millennia Xtreme starts at $1,299 and targets the performance enthusiast. A high-end Xtreme model, for example, will pair AMD's Athlon XP 1900+ chip with 512MB of DDR memory, a 100GB hard drive, and a choice of rewritable CD or DVD-ROM drives for about $2200.

The new Millennias based on AMD processors are fitted with Nvidia's new nForce chipset, while Pentium 4 models use Intel's 850 chipset and Rambus memory. However, Micron PC has priced each entry-level Professional, Creative Studio and Xtreme systems the same, regardless of processor brand.

Micron is expected to debut several new notebook PCs later this year.

MicronPC is the former PC division of Micron Electronics, which was sold to investment group Gores Technology Group, which is expected ultimately to sell the company to another PC maker.