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Tech Industry

Micron notebooks under $2,000

The PC maker keeps pace with Toshiba and Compaq in offering new models priced below $2,000.

Micron Electronics (MUEI) has reduced prices on its line of portable computers by up to 24 percent.

With the price cuts, Micron keeps pace with vendors such as Toshiba and Compaq in recently offering new models priced below $2,000. Such systems are expected to become a staple of the market in 1998 as companies look to reach growing markets such as small businesses and the education segment, analysts said.

A Transport VLX with 166-MHz Pentium MMX, 32MB of memory, 2.1GB hard disk drive, a 16X CD-ROM, and 12.1-inch active matrix display was priced at $2,399 and now goes for $1,999. Other configurations are available for as low as $1,799.

A Transport XKE with 266-MHz Pentium MMX, 64MB of memory, 5.0GB hard disk drive, 24X CD-ROM, and 13.3-inch active matrix display used to cost $4,599 and is now priced at $3,987. The TransPort XKE with 166-MHz Pentium MMX was priced at $4,099 and is now at $3,049, a reduction of 24 percent.