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Microhoo: By the numbers

Six days after Microsoft's alleged "deadline" on the Yahoo bid, little of substance has happened.'s Ina Fried looks at what has changed this week, numerically speaking.

Six days have passed since Microsoft's "deadline" for Yahoo to come to the negotiating table. Despite the promise that Microsoft would take action, very little of substance has happened this week.

Rather than spend another day reiterating Microsoft's options or parsing the latest noncommittal statement from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, I decided to offer a look at some things that have happened in the past six days.

Search metrics

Number of searches performed on Google: 1.21 billion

Number of searches performed on Yahoo: 441 million

Number of searches performed on MSN/Live Search: 197 million


Revenue taken in by Microsoft: $952.7 million

Revenue taken in by Yahoo: $119.9 million

Revenue taken in by Google: $342.2 million

Stock market

Change in Microsoft's stock, as of 9:41 a.m. Friday: down 2.1 percent

Change in Yahoo's stock, as of 9:42 a.m. Friday: up 4 percent

Change in Google's stock, as of 9:41 a.m. Friday: up 6 percent


Number of times the stock market has closed, meaning an announcement was "imminent": 4

Number of times the stock market closed and an announcement actually was imminent: 0

Number of afternoons wasted: four (and counting)

Number of baseball games one of my editors missed waiting for something to happen: 1

Amount of times I've heard about said baseball game: 12

(Disclaimer: Numbers are guesstimates based on extrapolating February ComScore core search figures and most recently reported quarterly financial results. For entertainment purposes only. Not valid in VT, NH or where prohibited by law. Never siphon by mouth. Contents may be hot. May contain forward looking statements, gluten or tree nuts.)