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Microdot Beatles remixes

WFMU has posted the coolest Beatles remixes since Danger Mouse's Grey Album.

New Jersey radio station WFMU--which may well be the best radio station in the world--has a blog called Beware of the Blog. The other day, they posted an MP3 file from listener Steve McLaughlin containing all the Beatles' U.K. albums, digitally time-compressed into a single hour. (No Magical Mystery Tour because it was a double EP, not an LP.) It sounds a bit like the sped-up President Bush speech at the end of Godspeed You Black Emperor's vinyl version of Yanqui U.X.O., only, it's the Beatles.

Then, some enterprising listeners took the McLaughlin MP3 and decompressed several sections of it back to their normal speed. The just have to listen.

If I were in charge of the New Musical Genre Naming Committee (NMGNC), I'd call this type of remix a "microdot" remix. I can't explain what the word means, but that's what it sounds like to me.