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MicroCool microwave/fridge combo is space saver

Haier's integrated microwave/fridge combo is an ingenious way to fit more appliances in less space.

Big features in a small space. Haier

We're fans of many double-duty appliances here at the Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets blog. Haier has another take on that idea--it's a NuCool enhanced fridge and a microwave oven in a stacked combination unit with a power strip. A durable, easy-to-clean spacer anchors the microwave to the fridge.

The configuration is nothing new--college students have stacked microwaves on minifridges forever--but this one is designed for stacking, won't topple, and won't overheat.

NuCool runs quietly and is energy efficient--this is important when you have limited outlets and a lot of cool appliances to run. Speaking of limited outlets, college students will especially appreciate the integrated four-socket power strip.

The reversible door design is a nice touch, and the eight power levels and six cooking presets on the microwave mean you can do more than just reheat pizza.

The unit comes in black or stainless steel, so you're not sacrificing style just because you're short on space. It costs about $140 from various retailers.