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Micro Mosquito remote-control toy

Micro Mosquito remote-control toy

This will be on every geek's Christmas list next December: Interactive Toy Concept's Micro Mosquito, a 6-gram remote-control helicopter. Currently, the company is shipping the BladeRunner 2, which is about twice as large.

Interactive Toy Concepts' new Micro Mosquito will fly for about 15 minutes on a 45-minute charge of its lithium-polymer batteries. Remote control is said to be very simple. Counter-rotating lift props make the helicopter much easier to fly than the real, full-size thing, which has been described by pilots as trying to continually balancing a ball on a stick. It requires both feet and hands just to keep a real copter in the air, but the Mosquito only needs two thumbs on a remote control.

The product will sell for about $99. Camera-carrying remote-control helicopters are in the works. Imagine the fun you could have with that.