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Mickey MP3 player looks all grown up

Not just for kids anymore

Akihabara News

Mickey Mouse isn't just for kids, as any trip to eBay will show. (We once sold an old Mickey shirt to Buffalo Exchange for $50, only to see it on display for $125 a day later.)

That "Disneyana" obsession would explain the design of the newly released "MixStick" Mickey MP3 player, which looks distinctly more adult than previous Disney music devices made by Japan's Run-At. Akihabara News says it does come in three other colors, but the silver version pictured here could easily pass for a grown-up player, with or without the ears.

Although the specs are mediocre, with only 512MB of storage, we all know that's not the most important factor when it comes to Mouse memorabilia. But for our money, we'd rather go for Run-At's Snoopy iPod. Or maybe we're just still upset for selling that Mickey shirt too cheap.