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Mickey does the Nano

Disneyana strikes again

Akihabara News

If we were running Japan's Run-At, we'd be cranking out Disney-branded products everyday--not to compete on the current market, but to be sold as collectibles later on. It's well known, of course, that fanatics will shell out big bucks for all things Mickey, so why not cater to that set?

The new limited-edition "Mickey Mouse iPod Nano," for example, would probably be a good investment if you didn't actually use the thing but squirreled it away in its special leather case and original packaging. (Can't you just see yourself on PBS' Antiques Roadshow someday?) The nearly $300 price is roughly twice that of a regular 2GB Nano, but those engraved ears are not to be underestimated in the long run, given that only 500 of these players will be made. We're still kicking ourselves for selling those old shirts at Buffalo Exchange.