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Michelle Obama throws shade at Twitter, it adores her anyway

​The first lady takes a subtle dig at the Twitter echo chamber, but social media can't get enough of her curtain-raiser at the Democratic National Convention.

First lady Michelle Obama speaking at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Alex Wong/Getty

Obama 2020? If Twitter is anything to go by, Michelle Obama could be next to take the top job.

The FLOTUS with the mostest headlined the first night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday. And while Hillary Clinton, who will accept the presidential nomination later this week, has yet to speak at the event, social media was calling an early winner.

Obama took a subtle jab at the Twitter echo chamber and Donald Trump's social media presence, saying the big issues "can't be boiled down to 140 characters."

But even so, the response on social media was swift praise, including from the man currently in the Oval Office.

POTUS wasn't the only one loving Michelle's speech.

There were also plenty of digs at Melania Trump, who last week was accused of plagiarising the first lady in her speech at the Republican National Convention.

It was almost as though Trump and Clinton weren't even in the race.

Let's just hope the presidential race can keep the internet this entertained until November.